Inquire at 513-703-2101 or Commissioned works are also availlable.

The studio is located 10 min from downtown Cincinnati. 

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Two new paintings on paper, $320.00 each.

"New World", 36x48" painting on canvas. $4,150.00

"Hope Floats", 18x24in ,oil on canvas. 2020

"Organic Cloak", 22x30in oil painting on canvas. $1,600

Ocean View, 5x12" oil on canvas. $285.00

Revealed Presence

"Revealed Presence", 40x40 in, painting on canvas $3,840

"Organic Folds", 16x20in painting on canvas. $780

"The Little Things" 40x40in painting on canvas. $3,840

Floral 9x12"painting on wood panel. $350.00

"Inner Pause" 36x36in oil on canvas. $2,850

Insistant, 30x40" painting on canvas. 2020 $2,880

"Undercover" 36x36in, acrylic and oil painting on canvas, $3,100

"Brown Bay", 24x36in. painting on canvas. $2,075

"Ruins" 40x40in oil painting on canvas. $3,840

"Finding Peace" 30x40in oil on canvas. $2,880

11x15' acrylic and oil on paper. $500

"Eyes Wide Shut", 20x60 in acrylic and oil painting on canvas. $2,640

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